sushixnyan — An introduction

Hi minna! (everyone)

I’m not really sure what to write here but you only ever get one first post, so I should at least write something. I suppose that it would be customary and even conventional to use this post as some sort of introduction and tell you all about who I am and what the purpose of this blog even is. I guess that’s as good idea as any, so I’m just gonna go with that and hope it works.

Anyway, my name is Trevor (sushixnyan). I’m just another self-taught programmer and computer science student who spends entirely too much time watching anime and playing videogames. When I’m not feeling particularly lazy or occupied otherwise, I love to code . I have a seemingly endless amount of projects that I’ve started…and procrastinated…then worked on again…and finally commited (and even more that I have yet to start…uguu).

As for this blog, I created it a few months ago with good intentions of posting on it, but it looks like that whole posting thing got quite procrastinated 😀. I noticed that I actually had a few views here though and finally got motivated enough to post this. Anyway, I plan on using this blog to share my experiences with coding, linux, and anything else that I find interesting enough to write about.


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