Prevent Gmail from automatically signing into YouTube

When you create a Gmail account, a Google account is created and includes all of their services (Gmail, Google+, YouTube, etc…). Whether you want a YouTube account or not, Google has decided that your Google account will also serve as a YouTube account. Although you still need to set up a “YouTube channel” for full YouTube functionality, your Google account alone provides some basic “features”. When using YouTube while signed into your Google account, you can subscribe to channels, see notifications of previously watched videos while browsing, and view your watched videos history.

As someone who does nothing on YouTube except watch videos, I find the features included with my Google account to be annoying and unnecessary. Fortunately, preventing Gmail from also signing you into YouTube is simple. Google’s various services know when you are signed into your Google account by storing little pieces of data onto your computer called “cookies”. Preventing a Google account from also signing into YouTube is as simple as blocking the cookies that Google stores :D. The process of blocking cookies will be different in every web browser but I will outline the steps involved for Chromium / Chrome and Firefox.

Chromium / Chrome:

  • Navigate to your chrome settings or simply type chrome://settings/ into the address bar.
  • We now need to access the Privacy settings, which are hidden by default. To display the privacy settings, scroll to the bottom of the settings window and click on Show advanced settings.
  • Under the Privacy settings, click on the Content settings…
  • A new window with the content settings should pop up. Under Cookies select Manage exceptions…
  • The Cookie and site data exceptions window should now pop up — now type in for the hostname and change the behaviour to Block.


  • Navigate to
  • Right-click on the page and choose View Page Info.
  • A new window should appear showing various information and settings.
  • Go to the Permissions tab and under the Set Cookies options, uncheck Use Default and check Block
  • Note: The above method only blocks new cookies from being stored. Any pre-existing cookies will still be active. To delete any pre-existing cookies — navigate to the Security tab and select View Cookies. You can now either remove individual cookies or simply select Remove All Cookies.




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